4Cs - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture

Luísa Santos

UCP-FCH | Post-Graduate in Politics of Curating Contemporary Art – B-learning

The Politics of Curating Contemporary Art Programme offers a dynamic and intensive experience that develops a shared vocabulary and critical framework in which we discuss phenomena ranging from post-colonialism to decolonizing the museum, from environmental change to sustainability in curatorial practices, from human rights to feminism and permacultures in artistic institutions. Applications for the second phase until February 9.

4Cs HANDBOOK - Reflections and Actions Upon Mediation Practices

What does mediation mean/do for/in visual and culture studies? This is the question that we asked ourselves throughout the 4Cs, more particularly over the mediation labs and the workshops. In this handbook, we have gathered essays from curators and thinkers as well as the materials produced during the mediation activities of the 4Cs. Composed as much of theories as of practical examples, the handbook aims to provide a critical reflection on the transforming potential of mediation.

Considering Monoculture

M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven) and deBuren (the Dutch-Flemish house for culture and debate) are co-convenors of the two-day conference “Considering Monoculture". This two-day interdisciplinary programme will consider current and historical manifestations of monoculture as well as its implications for art, culture and its institutions.

From conflict to conflict via change

There isn’t a better way to say this. We are dying. Humanity is dying – physically, socially, and culturally. Schools, Universities, Museums have closed last week. Today, access has been restricted to shops and to public spaces. The streets are emptied. And I think of Gregor Graf’s images that have become so close to reality.