On 30 January, CECC will host its annual Fieldwork. This time under the theme New Horizons 2020, the event will feature Prof. Isabel Ferín and Prof. Ana Paula Coutinho as respondents to our researchers’ presentations of some of their latest work. CECC invites all to participate in this foreseen fruitful gathering.
Luísa Santos will present an upcoming research project born out of 4Cs.
Excerpt of the presentation
"Europe is faced today with political challenges and conflict of various kinds such as environmental politics; censorship; and nationalisms. In face of such events, there has been a burst of activity amongst cultural producers. However, most of the existing work linking arts and politics is theoretical and monodisciplinary. Mapping (Conflicted) Arts and Politics (MAP) is an upcoming research project that is born out of 4Cs and that aims at creating a European network to bring together theory and applied research, as well as concepts and discourses from Culture Studies, Visual Arts, Arts Management and Political Science, to address the following questions: i) What is the transforming role of culture and visual arts in contemporary liberal-democratic political systems?; ii) Do Governments, particularly in the context of the diverse current political challenges, affect artistic actions? If so, how?; iii) Is the transforming potential of arts responsible for the slim support (beyond the financial aid) art gets?; iv) What type of public and private support is possible under current challenges, such as “new right-wing populist regimes [that] use financial incentives (or the lack thereof) to control artistic discourses” (Somogyi, 2019)? MAP will address these issues by exploring ways culture and visual arts can help bring individuals together to find alternatives to current challenges, thus highlighting the social relevance of political art."
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