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(para)sites, a project with Pedro Vaz, Jane Jin Kaisen, Rita Senra, and Michelle Eistrup curated by the MA and PhD students of The Lisbon Consortium of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa under the artistic direction of Luísa Santos.

(para)sites | Jane Jin Kaisen – Leave Early and Come Back at Dusk

Jane Jin Kaisen (born 1980 in Jeju Island, South Korea) is a visual artist living in Copenhagen. Spanning the mediums of video installation, experimental film, photographic installation, performance, and text, Kaisen’s artistic practice is informed by extensive interdisciplinary research and engagement with diverse communities.

(para)sites | Rita Senra – A Parasite at the table

Rita Senra's work is particularly identified by the bold choice of using very fragile materials. Paper is the medium that she most uses. Her artistic and aesthetic options often follow a path that redoes that same fragility: sometimes she sews, sometimes she glues, sometimes she composes a structure and another to attempt at turning the work firmer, stronger, and resistant.

(para)sites | Michelle Eistrup – Entangled in the Underground

"Entangled in the Underground", the solo exhibition focuses on her most recent works, pivoting on Western Australia, Eastern Germany, and Denmark. Yet, the questions that arise from them should also be considered and addressed in Portugal. Michelle’s practice questions the multilevel dimension of relations that historically, socially, and individually shape identity and belonging in the context of postcolonial memory.