4Cs - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture


About the Workshops

The workshops will be organised, led and hosted by four partners under one of the following specific themes: conflict; conviviality; creativity; and culture. Each workshop will adopt one of the themes either conceptually or methodologically.

The development of professional skills in creativity, culture, and in methodologies of conviviality to address conflict are of utmost importance for cultural operators working with local communities facing conflict situations. Consequently, the aims of these workshops are: to elevate the potential of art and its impact in conflict circumstances; to reflect upon, to develop and to share good mediation practices through art and culture in conflict conditions in order to develop and transfer skills between cultural academics and professionals.

A “handbook of good practices in mediation of conflict situations through artistic practice, creativity, and culture” will reflect the lessons learned in this activity as well as in the mediation labs.

An Oceanic Feeling

The goal of the workshop was to approach several aspects of the Sea Conflict.The idea was to reflect about sea areas problematics with the people involved into the conflict and with the people who live directly this situation (neighbours, dockers, street illegal vendors, the collective of the old fisherman, artisans, etc).

Cultivating Conviviality

The workshop “Cultivating Conviviality” aims to show the importance of understanding and integrating the social, political and cultural issues of the present and past migrations in solving conflict situations by applying design methodologies. More specifically, the objective of the workshop is that of co-creating new tools of conviviality that will allow society as a whole, to improve “togetherness” by highlighting specific knowhows of migrants, or “expert newcomers” as we decided to name them. These tools are the results of different problematics that link each specific context and territory, to food and culture.