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The 4Cs Blog is a platform for sharing ideas about the project theme: arts and conflict, culture and conflict, arts and conviviality, culture and conviviality.

Atmospheric Conditions - Day 4

The following five days will be dedicated to the sky. To the great immensity above us and the clouds in movement. To the possibility that lies in the air and the cyclic mixture of changing combinations of elements. Works by Jabulani Maseko / Words by Sofia Steinvorth

Las Golondrinas – Maya Saravia (Migrant melancholia)

Las Golondrinas (The Swallows) is the name of a Mexican song from the end of the 19th century which is still part of melancholic goodbyes and nostalgic memories. Present in Latin American culture and its particular experience of migration, this song also entitles Maya Saravia's exhibition at Balcony Gallery.

The African Art in Venice Forum

The African Art in Venice Forum presents its second edition on 7-9 May 2019. In line with the Forum’s vision of inclusivity and accessibility, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched on March 18 for the development of a digital platform to livestream the event.

Who is Ella?

The streets are her stage; the city and the passers-by, the motivation for her performance. Who is this woman? Where is this woman heading to? What does this woman want?

Open Call EIRPAC

The applications for the next edition of the International Meeting of Reflection on Community Artistic Practices are open until 15.03.2019

CALL LOCUS AMOENUS - Maison Ventidue

The cultural association Maison Ventidue opens the doors of L'Appartamento to artists, curators, critics and researchers. Closing of the call for proposals on February 25th.

The exhibition (and mediations between) "L’Un et l’Autre"

Last February, Kader Attia and Jean-Jacques Lebel presented “L’Un et l’Autre [One and the Other]” at Palais de Tokyo. Jean-Jacques Lebel (b. 1936, France) is an artist, curator, writer, activist, event organiser, and was the author of the first European happening; Kader Attia (b. 1970, France) grew up between Paris and Algeria, and his interdisciplinary approach to research explores issues such as traditions, colonialism and collective memory.

Independence Always Proceeds from Interdependence

A call from Poland for increased support for artists and art during Covid-19, and a reflection on their importance in countering fascist narratives and threats to democracy. With thanks to the author, London and Warsaw-based curator Kuba Szreder, and to L’internationale where this article was published.