“A Cartography of (Un)Belonging” (2021), curated by Brian Jay de Lima Ambulo, Anaïs Jung, and Ilaria Sponda, is a visual journey throughout Mónica de Miranda’s “Post-Archive” (2010), an ongoing research along the Military Road, traversing through the disappearing neighbourhoods of Lisbon. The photographs of places, objects, and plants that she found and archived starting in 2015, constantly interweave and interact, creating narratives of belonging, and serving as sites of conflict and conviviality. Focusing on postcolonial issues of geography, identity, and history, Mónica de Miranda’s work reflects on the possible existence of multiple temporal and spatial realities, offering a multidisciplinary and decolonial investigation of places, borders, and landscapes associated with the African diaspora. 


Mónica de Miranda © “Mesa com cadeira em quarto Azul” from “Post-Archive” (2010-present).



Post-Archive: https://postarchive.org