150 x 110 cm, Ink on paper, 2020



“Our house, apprehended in its dream potentiality, becomes a nest in the world (…) The nest, quite as much as the oneiric house, and the oneiric house quite as much as the nest – if we ourselves are at the origin of our dreams – knows nothing of the hostility of the world.” (Bachelard, 1994: 103)  


Our sense of belonging to spaces culminates now that we are forced to stay home. The shelter that protects us from the outside world just as the nest guards the birds against harm. The place where we build our memories, grow our creativity and exist within our deeper self. The global conflict we’re living is being solved through individual actions towards a collective good – an isolated but convivial existence not only between ourselves but also with nature, that continues to regenerate itself while we are confined.



Bachelard, Gaston (1994), The Poetics of Space: The Classic Look at How we Experience Intimate Places, translated by Maria Jolas, Boston: Beacon Press.