Issue 04 of The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture, entitled ‘In and Out of the Museum: New Destinations of the Moving Image’ and edited by Eugénie Zvonkine and Luísa Santos. The issue publishes innovative scholarship on the relationship between the moving image and the museum. It seeks to analyze ways in which cinema, video art, and curatorial practices inform and influence each other. Analyzing this intricate relationship, and with contributions from scholars, early-career researchers, curators, and artists, the issue challenges traditional assumptions and opens up a discourse where affinities and oppositions co-exist in a fruitful discussion.


The complete issue can be downloaded here.




Editorial. In and Out of the Museum: New Destinations of the Moving Image (EN)
Eugénie Zvonkine and Luísa Santos

Framing, Masking, Revealing: Mark Lewis's Regime of Projection (EN)
Christa Blümlinger

Baptizo and Immersion: A Panoramic Perspective (EN)
Nicola Kozicharow

‘Narrate an Exhibition as a Film’ or a Museum of Cine-memories (items 1-5) (EN)
Eugénie Zvonkine

Learning to Look Again––Challenging Spectatorship in Cinematic Art Installations (EN)
Svala Vagnsdatter Andersen

Metamorphoses: The Place of Moving Images (EN)
Margherita Foresti

Film Book Film (2021) (EN)
Tatiana Macedo

Net.Art Exhibited: Distributed Museums (EN)
Maria Redaelli

Notes on Unstable Cinematic Horizons: Depth, Frontality, and Circularity in Cinematic Art Installations (EN)
Sara Castelo Branco

Rock, Banya, Museum. A Survey of Sergey Borisov’s Video Archives from Garage Archive Collection (RU)
Irina Gakhova

Conserve, Show, Restage, Revivify. The Film as (Trans)portable and Projectable Museum (EN)
Eugénie Zvonkine

Moving Image and the Museum: Speculative Spaces in 3 Acts (EN)
Luísa Santos

Book review. Annie Dell’Aria. The Moving Image as Public Art: Sidewalk Spectators and Modes of Enchantment (EN)
Natasha Nedelkova

Book review. Sztulman P; Zabunyan D (eds) Politiques de la distraction (EN)
Ekaterina Odé