Carolina Grilo Santos (b.1993, Aveiro) is a dynamic and prolific visual artist and curator based in Porto, Portugal. Her work ranges from painting, installations, video and performance. She has participated in a number of international exhibitions including the 2016 European Itinerant CreArt Exhibition, “Notes on Tomorrow”, curated by Luísa Santos. In 2017, she was among the selected participants for the first edition of Portuguese Emerging Art catalogue. Through exploring nostalgia and newness, Carolina Grilo Santos addresses a kind of hybridity between the past, present and an unrevealed future, from which she creates diverse spaces of signification. Through her work by combining different contexts, concepts and artistic media, she explores ideas such as the continuing change of the world, the permanent state of reaction to new stimuli, and also a certain insensitivity and apathy in face of the multiplicity of information with which we are confronted every day.