The new book, "An Unfolding Vision" (2021), curated by Manon Klein, Agustina O’Farrell, Victoria Page, Alexandra Tavares Agostinho engages with the work of artist Rouzbeh Akhbari through speculative fiction and the character Azadeh, a cyborg from 2130 conducting research back here on Earth - a place deficit of natural resources, left to be a library and museum of the residues of human existence. Through Azadeh’s field notes, we see Akhbari’s work Prizes from Fairyland (2018) and Observatory for Riparian Repose (2019) through new eyes. Her journey starts southeast of Mississauga, on the shores of Lake Ontario in 2130 and ends somewhere between Iran and Zoom during the global 2020 lockdown due to Covid-19.