Joana Patrão's atelier. Credits: Adriana Romero
Joana Patrão (b. 1992, Barcelos) is a visual artist based in Porto. Her work revolves around Landscape, recognizing it both as a consequence of the conflict nature-culture and as a process for potential reunion. As part of this research, she obtained her M.A. degree in Painting by the  School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto with the project “Landscape as experience. Sea: Immersion and Voyage” (2016). As an Erasmus+ fellow, she attended the Aalto University, Finland where she was selected for the international workshop Adaptations – Utö. Site, Stories and  Sensory Methods, HIAP, on the island of Utö.
She has been exhibiting her artwork since 2013. Among her most recent exhibitions, a special mention to the solo: “Sea of salt, salt of the earth” (2020), curated by Luísa Santos, at Lab Box, Art Curator Grid, Lisbon; “Natural drawing. The water flows in the line” (2019), Lugar do Desenho, Fundação Júlio Resende, Gondomar and "Becoming: meditations" (2020), curated by Maria Eduarda Duarte as part of the series of online exhibitions 4 + 4 proposals for making sense of today's convivial cultures at 4Cs.
Joana Patrão. Processo de captação de ondas (2014).