Museet for Samtidskunst will reopen this Saturday - May 30 - and Peter Voss-Knude's exhibition will be extended until August 2.


With The Anti-Terror Album, Peter Voss-Knude turns the entire concept of anti-terrorism upside down. To him, the real terror is not an external threat. Rather, the terror stems from our own fears and prejudices that are fed by narratives such as ‘KRISØV 2017’. And from the imagined threats that we ourselves build up and manifest, for example in the form of physical anti-terror barriers.

Peter Voss-Knude offers his own take on alternative forms of anti-terror measures. One of the focal points of the exhibition is a 1.1 tonne slab of pink quartz – an anti-terror barrier made out of beautiful pink crystal, protecting its environs against terrorist attacks not just physically, but spiritually too.

The music on The Anti-Terror Album also constitutes a kind of protection against terror and terrorism. ‘If you listen to the music on this record, you’ll be less terrorised,’ says Peter Voss-Knude.

The album features tracks such as ‘Who Is Your Criminal’, which investigates our scapegoats and ideas about enemies, as well as ‘Jacinda’ – a tribute to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s visionary and humanitarian handling of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. The lyrics are a direct response to the language used in ‘KRISØV 2017’ and to the narratives that infuse the coverage of terrorism in the media.


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You can also listen to the new podcast here (in Danish).

In this episode, the museum curator Magnus Kaslov talks with the artist Peter Voss-Knude and the museum director Birgitte Kirkhoff-Eriksen about how the new corona world agenda puts the exhibition "The Anti-Terror Album" in a new light. An exhibition that deals with fear management: What do we do with the things we perceive as threats and which scare us? How we try to secure them with national drills and physical barricades. And also how - more or less consciously - we equip ourselves through the creation of enemy images.