SAVVY community, we have good news: we have found a new SAVVY home where we can ensure the continuation of our practice of radical conviviality, unlearning and sharing. Please read here about the whys and hows of the support we need now. 



In the past years, we have worked very collegially and familiarly with Silent Green, and will continue to do so in the future, since we will still be under their kind auspices in our new home. To our current SAVVY space, we say thank you: for years of encountering, co-creating, invoking, engaging. Years of meaningful, international projects.

However, conditions were not easy and this is why we need to move on: we worked hard without an office, without an educational space despite our many pedagogical experiences, lacking enough space for our discursive programs, without sufficient space for our archives, living within humidity and floods. But more importantly, working from underground in the most literal sense, with a hidden access that made it difficult for the communities we increasingly engage with to find us at all. 

These are times in which SAVVY Contemporary’s community needs to be heard and seen, to make a stand – accentuated, visibly situated. The current expressions of endangered communities, defying the continuous history of political violence explain the reasons for self-determined, independent spaces – for the communities holding them together, able to transform the violence and the silence into continuous co-creative spaces of a collective living. As a space that is constantly becoming, that is taking risky positions, moving on a path of radical conviviality, SAVVY Contemporary is a constantly endangered space. With our engagement, we take the risky step to move, in order to make co-creation and pluralistic living an enduring and tangible reality.

In our new SAVVY space, we will welcome you back: luckily into a home within our neighbourhood in Berlin-Wedding, with open windows to the public. Inviting, transparent, visible, reachable.

Renovations have started last year and are continuing. We are planning to move this year in August, in the midst of the difficulties that the current pandemic poses. We need you more than ever for this move: Please support us, so that the next SAVVY space can remain a shared space with free access to almost all our programs – one of our core beliefs. We need your solidarity! Your support and direct donations are very much appreciated (see info below).

We are looking forward to entering a new time-space with you soon, in the new SAVVY Contemporary home.


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