My object is a coaster. I got it from India, a friend gave it to me. It has a matte surface which is something always pleasant. The picture in it is quite disturbing and caught my attention. There are people in it, slightly "picassoed", very colourful, pretty, but paralysed, sad. They have been removed their freedom, their joy. It's a little dirty and has a perfectly square shape with rounded corners.


The music I played for the video made me feel much more hopeful, in comparison to the unsettling noises of the experience videoclips. These characters, just like us are only waiting to be back alive and express themselves with no fear, no limits.


Utopia exists, but it's unreachable, or maybe it's a thought? For a prisoner, my freedom is their utopia. If they achieve it, it's not utopia anymore. Utopia is imagining something better, it's optimism. Although it is unachievable, it's something that keeps us going. Right now, my utopia is meeting my family and friends again soon, and that keeps me motivated.