Portions of Share is a curatorial project by the students of the international MA and PhD programme in Cultural Studies, The Lisbon Consortium, Faculty of Human Sciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa. This project, developed during the seminar on Curatorship led by Luísa Santos is conceived within the conceptual framework of 4Cs: from Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture, a European Cooperation Project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The curatorial project consists of three artists’ books reflecting on notions of conviviality, power and hospitality. Besides the three artists’ books, Portions of Share presents a publication with essays on these notions through the lenses of the artistic proposals of invited participating artists. The invited participating artists of Portions of Share are Rita GT, Nuno Nunes-Ferreira, Kristina Müntzing and Kalle Brolin (Sunshine Socialist Cinema).






Luísa Santos - PORTIONS OF SHARE When sharing is a collective endeavour

Dzifa Peters, Linda Koncz - NUNO NUNES-FERREIRA Reach One Hundred

José Maria Cortez, Marta Saccani - RITA GT The Body That Forgets Itself

Aude Vignac, Federico Rudari, Jule Kurbjeweit, Juliana Orrego Trujillo - KALLE BROLIN & KRISTINA MÜNTZING Sunshine Socialist Cinema: a Cinema Manual – Lisbon Session


Portions of Share Publication (EN)

Portions of Share Publication (PT)