This online talk focuses on the changing role of the artist and the researcher in a post-pandemic world, exploring the nexus of knowledge-making, artistic practice and research as a modality. Using the work of Nithya Iyer - an interdisciplinary researcher sharing her practice through both a workshop at the 4Cs Project and a year-long collaborative research-based residency and exhibition at the Hangar Centre for Artistic Investigation, this online talk explores how participatory practice, relational aesthetics and an interdisciplinary exploration of alternate models of knowledge-making might speak to the needs of a rapidly destabilising world.

Scientific organisation: Luísa Santos.


Presented by Luisa Santos on behalf of the 4Cs Project - From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture and moderated by Cristiana Tejo with the participation of researchers Nithya Iyer, Jad Khairallah and Zohar Iancu.


The talk is available on Hangar's Facebook page here.