Michelle Eistrup is a visual artist, arts producer, and instigator of artistic collaboration and resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. Michelle’s artistic practices in corporate identity, corporeality, faith, memory, and post-colonialism.  Her transnational background (Danish, Jamaican, American) is sometimes a point of departure.  

Entangled in the Underground, the solo exhibition focuses on her most recent works, pivoting on Western Australia, Eastern Germany, and Denmark. Yet, the questions that arise from them should also be considered and addressed in Portugal. Michelle’s practice questions the multilevel dimension of relations that historically, socially, and individually shape identity and belonging in the context of postcolonial memory.

The exhibition includes video, sound, images, and textual elements that collectively structure an unusual take on archival practices and invite visitors to question the traditional narrative representational balance. Entangled in the Underground is part of the (para)sites exhibition series in the frame of the 4Cs: From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture project and The Lisbon Consortium.

The exhibition opening will be on the 28th of January and will conclude the (para)sites project on the 4th of February.


Michelle Eistrup, Foto: Spaced 3, 2018. Credits: Michelle Eistrup


Iaspis, Gascoyne, Jurchin, Western Australia.Terra Mineralia, Freiberg 2020. Credits: Michelle Eistrup


In the Deep Underground and Up Above, Video Still. 2018. Credits: Michelle Eistrup


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