Jane Jin Kaisen (born 1980 in Jeju Island, South Korea) is a visual artist living in Copenhagen. Spanning the mediums of video installation, experimental film, photographic installation, performance, and text, Kaisen’s artistic practice is informed by extensive interdisciplinary research and engagement with diverse communities. She is known for her visually striking, multilayered, performative, poetic, and multi-voiced feminist works through which past and present are brought into relation. Engaging topics such as memory, migration, borders, and translation, she activates the field where lived experience and embodied knowledge intersect with larger political histories. Her works negotiate and mediate the means of representation, resistance, and reconciliation, thus forming alternative genealogies and sites of collective emergence. Kaisen has represented Korea at the 58th Venice Biennale with the film installation Community of Parting (2019) alongside artists like Hwayeon Nam and siren eun young jeong in the exhibition titled History Has Failed Us, but No Matter, curated by Hyunjin Kim. She was awarded the “Exhibition of the Year 2020” by AICA - International Association of Art Critics, Denmark for the exhibition Community of Parting at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.





Community of Parting. Jane Jin Kaisen. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Photos by David Stjernholm


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