A group of Royal College of Art students (Curating Contemporary Art Masters programme) have recently completed a project linking with 4Cs' interests. They created a temporary research studio at Gasworks (where the UK chapter of the 4Cs exhibition will take place next year) exploring what it means to be a resident in both the global art world, and with respect to the wider geopolitical context of borders and restricted mobility. From October 2018 to May 2019 the group worked with artists, members of the public, and interdisciplinary specialists to consider not only human mobility, but also non-human and extraterrestrial forms of circulation, such as the movements of plants, birds, and stars.


Gasworks Curatorial Residents. Photography by Keying Chen


The entire project is presented as an open-ended and cooperative process producing new perspectives on the highly charged discourse of mobility in our contemporary world.

Culminating in an open studio, an exhibition, and a performance, the research remains accessible as an online archive at gcr.rca.ac.uk  
Design by Norman Palm and Romy Kießling, 2019. Copyright Gasworks Curatorial Residents

Gasworks Curatorial Residents: Linnéa Bake, Yalda Bidshahri, Carlie Yixuan Chang, Claudia Contu, Victoria Gyuleva, Jing Jin, and Lika Tarkhan-Mouravi.

Contributors: Xinhao Cheng, Helena Hunter, Mati Jhurry, Romy Kiessling, Marissa Malik, Niccolò Moronato, Fatima Uzdenova and Belinda Zhawi.
Design by Romy Kießling & Norman Palm. Photography by Claudia Contu


Design by Romy Kießling. Photography by Keying Chen


Niccolò Moronato. Photography by Keying Chen


Niccolò Moronato, Workshop Star Survey. Photography by Keying Chen


Xinhao Cheng. Photography by Keying Chen


Xinhao Cheng, Cyanotype Workshop. Photography by Keying Chen


Mati Jhurry. Photography by Keying Chen


Fatima Uzdenova. Photography by Claudia Contu


Reading group with Belinda Zhawi. Photography by Keying Chen
Marissa Malik. Photography by Claudia Contu
Marissa Malik, Daniella Valz Gen & Carlos Mauricio, Sonic lecture Mapping Chiron: From Pisces to Aries, steam rises. Photography by Keying Chen


Helena Hunter, Performative reading Falling Birds. Photography by Keying Chen



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