Notes from Atopia was an interactive three-day workshop querying the ways of altered meaning-making that emerged during the conditions of COVID19 restrictions in Lisbon in March, 2020. Framing this period of time as one of concentrated atopos, or atopia, referring to the Greek word for ‘no place’ or ‘placelessness’, the title of the workshop alludes to the effect of the pandemic in dislocating our sense of geographical and narrative belonging. Notes from Atopia was conceived and facilitated by Nithya Iyer.


The digital archive of the workshop is now available here.

All the contents of the digital archive, are the result of the in-person and online participation in the workshop. Emerging from a series of artistic processes grounded in phenomenological principles, they represent insights and reflections created by participants in relation to their felt senses about the pandemic condition. Some texts are also written in response to questions regarding the idea of utopia and its potential to play a role in the coming world.


You can read more about the workshop here. The booklet of the workshop is available here.

Notes from Atopia was commissioned by the 4Cs Project and took place at Appleton Box, Alvalade, and was facilitated by Nithya Iyer.



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