Since most of us are staying at home, we encourage you to check all the online cultural offer available, which shows that Museums and cultural institutions today have no borders. The Museet for Samtidskunst and The Lake have a new podcast section with artist Peter Voss-Knude, who talks about the exhibition and the pop album "The Anti-Terror Album".


The music and exhibition were created within the 4Cs and in response to "Crisis Exercise 2017" - a tale that was used for the emergency crisis management exercise, which is held every two years. The episode also revolves around threat images, fears, prejudices and the language of terror - and along the way, some of the songs are heard from the record release "The Anti-Terror Album".
Peter Voss-Knude performs "The Anti-Terror Album" live at Overgaden x Black / White on Friday, May 29 and can be experienced in a talk with the artistic director of the Black / White theater, Christian Lollike, moderated by Overgaden's Director, Merete Jankowski, Saturday, May 30th.


Peter Voss-Knude Podcast here (in Danish).

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