- I am the words spoken when you forget I’m here

- I wanted you to know that you are beautiful in the way you return to life each day, despite not seeming to want sometimes

- I wish others knew that it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling, it’s nature, inevitable shared

- I am here because you brought me here, and you keep me here, untouched predominately, to myself










Beady, balmy, bard, your magnetic eyes can smell my fear, yet you offered me refuge/because I have done so for you



Looking at your object or representation, what have you come to know about your experience of COVID19 restrictions? Were there any significant moments? What might they mean?


I have come to know that my experience is a shaked one, even with my objects. I know that my objects experience being confined to a room. Yes, my dialogue revealed ideas I wish I had to strength to genuinely tell myself. They might mean that I have good self-esteem, but I am ashamed of elevating it or prioritizing it in my self-care.


If a situation of existential threat occurred again, what would you wish for your future self to know? Think 5-10 years into the future, what would you tell yourself?

I wish for myself to know that it is all been worried/bad/awful for everyone and that it’s okay honest, even if people judge you because you’ll feel better for it (being honest).

I would tell myself 5-10 years from now, you might still be ashamed of letting people know how you are, but honestly, it is less draining on the soul...

You could argue we live in a “utopia” how, and how have been since the dawn of suffering.


Do you think ‘utopia’ is possible? If so, how would you know it was arriving? This could be personal or collective.

No and Yes. Because if life was perfect for a portion of people, some would be dead/suffering.