Reflecting and doing.

So much open time and space have led me to a place of questioning - inaction and an abundance of time has brought me to debate my likes and values. Sharing this space, engaging (with people and objects) and creating is like bridging a gap between before and after. Seeing all the material and given free rein to explore evoked a sense of joy.

Utopia is when myself and those around me can look beyond the self, the present, the immediate, and consider different perspectives and inflows. And act with kindness and humility... so, are we there now?






General notes on COVID-19:

Everything we do is a performance of what we understand but when COVID happened we didn’t know to react and it messed up our effectiveness. So in a way it was a good thing because we couldn’t act according to our predetermined ideas. We had to start again.

We’ve constantly repressed human nature. Now we are actually doing things that are more normal - being close to each other, taking care of ourselves. Evolution has not caught up to what we are doing in modernity. Deleuze speaks about it as capitalism and schizophrenia. We are not normal trying to become numb to cope with what we have decided we must do. And in a way, COVID and trying to return to ‘normal’ highlights this.