Mediation Lab session - October 2018. Credits: Alexia Venot


Helped by a team of designers and teachers, migrant-craftsmen and students will imagine and co-create several pedagogical models of transmission of ‘travelling crafts’ and conceive ‘manifest objects’ that illustrate those approaches. These objects are discursive and materialize a cultural exchange with a specific narrative.


Eventually, this pedagogic model could later be applied by other PSL and art & design schools as well as other national institutions.


Based on a horizontal model (expert migrants-designers-students) and experimented within the Mediation Lab, this pedagogy outlines the potential retraining of craftsmen, and a recognition of their skills by the public, e.g. during open workshops with the local community, considering migration as a rich, stimulating and creative experience that must be shared.


Mediation Lab session - October 2018. Credits: Alexia Venot


  1. Sharing skills (with craftsmen from Crafting for Change and the Agency of Artists in Exile): October 2018 - January 2019

The Studio 4Cs students collaborate with 5 expert-craftsmen who share their know-how with the goal of co-creating transmission tools that can adapt to different contexts, and co-produce manifest objects resulting from the exchange. During the ENSAD open days, the craftsmen will be there to transmit their know-how to the public and show the objects developed with the students. 


  • 4 expert newcomer craftsmen (Karim Ruhullah tapestry maker, Ibrahim Adam model maker, Bassam Salwkha plaster sculptor, Yassir Mohamed Elamine potter) introduced by Crafting for Change, the Agency of Artists in Exile and SINGA