Metal, Sound, Call, Alert, Shape, Bell, Rythm, Noise, Silence, Round, Around, Come closer, Advise, Gold, Lines, Woman, Saudade, Far away, Full



- a bell

- plays silence

- plays sound only when someone touches him

- path lines represent the sound of the play

- shadow have times. My silence is timeless


Looking at your object or representation, what have you come to know about your experience of COVID19 restrictions? Were there any significant moments? What might they mean?

The meaning of the shadow moving from the initial draw, without a sound.


If a situation of existential threat occurred again, what would you wish for your future self to know? Think 5-10 years into the future, what would you tell yourself?

Keep draw with the shadow movement.


Do you think ‘utopia’ is possible? If so, how would you know it was arriving? This could be personal or collective.

Yes, when the draw starts to move and rings the bell.