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Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture | Editorial Committee: Charles Beckett, Lore Gablier, Vivian Paulissen, Igor Stokfiszewski, Joanna Tokarz-Haertig

Capitalism, culture, agency: dependency versus postcolonial theory | Ilan Kapoor

Communities of Practice Towards Social Change | Edited by Lore Gablier

Decolonising the curriculum: a guide for APS | University of Sheffield

Decolonising the University | Edited by Gurminder K. Bhambra, Dalia Gebrial and Kerem Nişancıoğlu

Decolonizing Art Institutions - OnCurating | Edited by Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter

Dismantling Race in Higher Education. Racism, Whiteness and Decolonising the Academy | Edited by Jason Arday and Heidi Safia Mirza

Epistemic Disobedience, Independent Thought and De-Colonial Freedom | Walter D. Mignolo

Epistemologies of the South: Justice against epistemicide | Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Joining the Dots. Bridging the Gap(s). A Reflection on the European Project in Situ Act (2016-2020) | Judith Staines

Kunstenpocket #3 | D.I.T. (Do It Together) | Delphine Hesters

On Being Included. Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life - first chapter | Sara Ahmed

Os Museus e a(s) Sociedade(s). Teorias, contextos, histórias, experiências, desafios | Editorial Coordination: Joana Baião and Raquel Henriques da Silva (Abstracts in English)

The Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Colonial Difference | Walter D. Mignolo

The School and the Neighbourhood. A Subverted Curriculum | The Edgware Road Project

Thinking through the Decolonial Turn: Post-continental Interventions in Theory, Philosophy, and Critique - An Introduction | Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Voices of Culture - Brainstorming Report ‘Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities’
Voices of Culture - Brainstorming Report ‘Status & Working Conditions for Artists, Cultural and Creative Professionals’