4Cs welcomes and encourages suggestions for a collective broadening of the understanding of anti-racism and for getting involved to combat racism. Please share your suggested lists of references as well as PDFs of relevant books and resources, particularly on the role or via the lenses of visual arts and culture studies, we will upload them in our digital library. Please share your references with us on info@4cs-conflict-conviviality.eu and maria.duarte@4cs-conflict-conviviality.eu 

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#everydayisastruggleday (2020)
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4Cs stands in solidarity with protestors across the U.S., and internationally, as we are again reminded of the systemic racism and police violence in the U.S. through the murder of George Floyd. This is not an isolated case, this is not exclusive to the U.S., this happens everywhere, across the planet. In Portugal, racism is worryingly increasing as we witness the rise of right-wing parties such as Chega. The same can be said about many other European countries. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Institutions and projects are not neutral, we cannot be neutral. Our work, at the 4Cs, is rooted in collaborations, in mutual respect and understanding and that can only happen if we give voice and bring light to what remains silenced and shadowed. We welcome and encourage all conversations, as difficult as these might be.

We can all do something, as institutions, as projects, as scholars, as artists, as cultural producers, and, above all, as individuals. 
Please spend some time with the following resources (originally compiled by the ICI - Independent Curators International), and if your resources allow, support these organisations as well as your local organisations and groups:


Anti-Racist Resource Guide
Black Lives Matter 
Black Earth Farms 
Black Trans Advocacy Coalition Mission
Black Visions Collective 
Campaign Zero 
Free Black Mamas National Bail Out 
NAACP Legal Defense Fund 
Reclaim the Block 
The Okra Project


Please have a look at - and share - this resource for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of anti-racism and get involved to combat racism - Anti-Racist Resource Guide, originally shared by the ICI (Independent Curators International).
If you teach, please update your bibliographies and your case studies with a varied list of references instead of a white western male list. If you are a parent, please don't let your children forget that we are all equals. We are not born racists, we are taught that way and it is our role to change the ways we educate our children.