Collective exhibition with the collection of contemporary photography of Novo Banco at Museu do Dinheiro opens on May 14th.

Curated by Luísa Santos with exhibition design by Maria Eduarda Duarte.


Starting of three main themes - hospitality, participation, and utopia - (Euro) politics: contemporary photography after 1999 aims at investigating the transforming notions of cohesion, belonging and integration that shaped the basis of the European project under the lenses of contemporary photography since 1999, the year of the introduction of the Euro as unique legal coin.


Kimsooja. Cities on the Move - 2727 KM Bottari Truck, 1997 / 2001. Novo Banco collection of contemporary photography.


The European Monetary Institute operated between 1994 and 1999 when the name ‘euro’ was created and approved for the single currency.  Twenty years on, what Europe do we live in? Starting from three central themes: acts of hospitality, acts of participation, and acts of utopia, we set out to investigate notions of cohesion, belonging, and social, economic and political integration that mark(ed) the design of the European project through the lens of contemporary international photography from 1999 when the euro was introduced as sole legal tender and one of the symbols of the community.

This period is marked by enormous changes in Europe and the world, with uncertainties, conflicts, and challenges. Art too, as a creative form is inherently contentious, implying rift and collision of differences as methodologies to understand, reflect, act and visually translate perspectives on the world in which we live. This exhibition presents visual translations on a modern Europe in flux through the Novo Banco collection of contemporary photography at Museu do Dinheiro.


Special visit guided by the curator Luísa Santos, on Saturday 25th of May at 4:00 p.m. (90 min.)


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