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Locus amoenus urbano.
Considerations on contradiction.

The topic comes from the desire to explore the relationship between art, nature and the concept of body. The relationship is a necessary bond, that man establishes with their medio ambiente. It is a balance of natural and artificial elements, material, intangibles and digital dimensions, such as society, the built and the not-built, the objects, the economy and the culture in a given space and
in a given time.

The topic LOCUS AMOENUS will help us to recognize the differences that inhabit and determine it, in a topographical specificity.
This investigation incorporates the poetic, the ephemeral, the bodies in motion, the fleeing thought, and the politics, allowing us to assert ourselves as a singularity and a whole, at the same time.

The antinomy between pleasant space and urban space is the research on the ethical and aesthetic contradiction of the contemporary.

The aim is a site-specific project able to develop the unusual relationship between the body, L’Appartamento, the Santo Stefano district, and the city of Bologna.

No limitations are given to the artistic expressions, as long as the experiences developed are able to reflect, broaden, and communicate the topic.



December 2019 - Publication of call for proposals
25 February 2020 - Closing of the call for proposals
20 March 2020 - Communication of results
20 April 2020 - Start of residence
20 May 2020 - Term of residence
22 May 2020 - Opening of the exhibition
15 June 2020 - Exhibition deadline

Projects will be evaluated by the committee formed by:
Mariarosa Lamanna, founder of Maison Ventidue. Marco Mastroianni, founder Maison Ventidue. Simone Mattotti, visual arts. Mario Guida, sound designer and creative coder. Francesco Buonerba, curator. Davide Da Pieve, art historian. Mario Mirabile, an expert in urban and digital policies. Gaspare Caliri, semiologist. Davide Giambelli, architect. A member of the council I Mirasoli-cittadini insieme.


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Spazio Espositivo

via Miramonte 4-6, Bologna
quartiere Santo Stefano