Works by Jabulani Maseko / Words by Sofia Steinvorth


The following five days will be dedicated to the sky. To the great immensity above us and the clouds in movement. To the possibility that lies in the air and the cyclic mixture of changing combinations of elements. Throughout the video series Atmospheric Conditions Jabulani Maseko inspects the phenomena of slow observation and non-expectation. Rather than reacting and communicating, these works are traces from an undemanding and concentrated practice of presence, from a state of listening and receiving. Visuals and soundscapes come together as settings that expand space and conjure unexpected relations inviting images from times past, present and yet to come. As in a series of photographs and installation drafts from Gerhard Richter's Atlas in which walls and windows become sky and clouds, so too do Jabulani's Atmospheric Conditions turn our attention from an apparently solid and confining interior towards the sky as an infinite projection space.


Still from "Atmospheric Conditions - Day 1"



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