The opening of the cycle Artists@Católica, an initiative of the Cultura@Católica programme.
Tuesday, April 9 at 6 pm at the Library exhibition room.


Artists@Católica was created to promote the dialogue between artists and the UCP community - teachers, students, employees, alumni and institutional partners.

For the opening of the initiative, artist Emília Nadal was invited.



Emília Nadal is an artist whom UCP invited to create four artworks which we see often and now we have the opportunity to get to know better: Os Livros (1987) (the two low-reliefs located on the exterior of the library building - Biblioteca Universitária João Paulo II), Retrato do Reitor D. José da Cruz Policarpo (1936-2014); Retrato do Reitor Padre Doutor Manuel Isidro Alves (1940-2002) and traje académico da Universidade.


Os Livros / The Books (1987)