B1-AKT //Migrant Integration Lab within the context of its global awareness campaign initiatives inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development launched a grass root Public Policy/Citizens Diplomacy International awareness campaign, an open social media dialogue.


Aim: bringing together, citizens, civic societies, the public & private sector, international organizations, Academia and media around the globe into a dialogue on the problems and probable & sustainable solutions on Migration Crisis (developed in Migrant Integration Lab).

Strategic Needs: Implementing sustainable solutions for migrants’ holistic integration

Vision: Migration is a chance for our societies to reach their full potential. Migrant Integration Lab creates the best conditions for people who arrive in Europe to be innovating entrepreneurs, change makers or artists in a position to act and create value and to be a source of innovation for host societies.


The Labs are based on transnational frameworks that are giving policymakers a new lens with which to develop innovative public programs, and public-private partnerships across borders. And because of the economic implications of transnationalism, it provides opportunities for businesses, social entrepreneurs, and governments.


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Migrants' Projects and Social Innovation


The Entrepreneurship LAB has the objective of helping migrants, especially the younger ones and women, to establish their own businesses, through the development of a scheme supplying with information, training, and support.

The first necessary step is mapping the skills, experiences, and aspirations of migrants, in particular of those newly arriving.

Those who have the potential for and interest in self-employment can be identified, while the others can be directed to other occupations depending on their profiles. The beneficiaries of the Lab are migrants aiming to start a business, migrants, and natives who will find employment opportunities in such businesses. We truly believe that Migrant entrepreneurs are taking risks, generating ideas, and exploring the possibilities of converting them into innovations.

They can play a positive role in the economic and social development of the country they live in. The success of migrant entrepreneurs is due to their diverse networks, social resilience, economic resourcefulness, and business creativity.



NGO's, Migrant Facilitators, Organizations & Institutions

Our outreach efforts are aimed at working directly with nonprofit organizations, institutions, and migrant facilitators, to aid in their maturation of programs and expansion of their reach and impact: Participatory and Interactive Lab.

The training within our LAB will cover the issues as: sustainable economic migrant integration, entrepreneurial state of mind, good practices exchange and building network , labor migrant integration and mentorship tools, job matching and placement services, self-employment and entrepreneurship among refugees, civil and cultural integration of migrants/refugees, intercultural management, citizenship issues, communication, transnational frameworks, economic growth, sustainable communities, etc.

We help to decode cultural differences that may be impacting your activities and help to develop sustainable strategies for dealing with those differences. Our Lab is designed to provide a highly practical perspective: how to lead in a complex, multicultural environment and ensure sustainable solutions while providing integration services. Participants leave the Lab with a deep understanding of, and actionable plans to Successfully manage migrant integration by design thinking approaches and entrepreneurial schemes

By taking advantage of our training programmes migrants, host communities, and governments all stand to benefit. Migrants gain from having a better understanding of the migration process, which contributes towards reduced levels of anxiety while increasing the overall chances of successful integration.

Host communities gain through a decreased need to support the newcomers while fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect among all community members. And, finally, governments gain through decreased costs as newcomers become self-sufficient, productive and integrated members of the receiving society more quickly.



Media Skills and capacity building


The Media LAB project aims to strengthen the capacity of migrant voices by building practical media skills and supporting migrants’ participation in the public debate.

By implementing this type of Labs we are building improved social cohesion and wider solidarity so that people work together towards a shared future. We are cultivating a thriving ecosystem for social innovation and creating sustainable communities.

We break down negative stereotypes and improve public perception of migrants and ethnic minorities and the phenomenon of migration by creating strong and long-lasting basis for interaction and dialogue between migrants and members of receiving communities.

The Lab provides training session in using social media, producing videos, writing articles and blog posts, as well as conducting interviews and practicing interview skills. We also organize discussions on current policy developments and further opportunities for public engagement, to ensure that our media work always ties into the wider context of the migration debate in France.


MIGRANT INTEGRATION LAB "A sustainable solution to a world-wide crisis present the Art Lab

Public Domain and Arts


The Migrant Integration Art Lab is dedicated to bringing diverse forms of artistic expression by migrants and artists into the public domain. Through collaborative, cross-cultural projects using the universally comprehensible medium of art, we aim to strengthen and enrich the co-creation of human communities and foster long-term organic integration. Our Lab aims to facilitate the inclusion of artistic expression of migrants (new and old) into wider society and the public space. Furthermore, through these happenings and intra-actions, we aim to co-create new approaches to migration and embracing difference in society.

Integration is a concept that has become a buzzword, and its meaning is interpreted in many different ways. Migrants and Artists Art Lab understands integration as a dynamic process involving two or more parties that work together to make a cohesive, balanced and harmonious whole.

We are contributing to making human communities successful and sustainable while organically embracing diversity.


Laura Petrache and Yannick Le Guern



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Photo album about the Campaign #NoWallsButBridges

Report on Rapid & Sustainable Migrant Holistic Integration


Calais Jungle. Credits: Ludovica Anzaldi for @MigrantIntegrationLab


Poem #MeditationsOfAMigrant written and performed by Yemi Adeyelu, dedicated to all #migrants who are struggling with difficult situations. 


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