Today, under current circumstances, we are required to accept social isolation for our own sake. This has a lot of individual but also collective implications on our lives at psychological, physical, social, but also at cultural and economical levels. 4Cs was born out of the belief that art and culture can play a role in conflictual phenomena. Much more than an expedient to conduct social policy, we see art and culture as a diagnostic tool and a vernacular space of encounter and participation. Therefore, we could not avoid reflecting upon the huge global challenge we are all living in today, the Covid-19.

During April, while we are in social isolation and restrained from making and attending exhibitions in the physical world, we invited 4 artists and 4 curators to take the stage (read the website of 4Cs) and use it to communicate with their works and words in a convivial culture. Each week, one artist (Jabulani Maseko; Cristina Mejías; Joana Patrão; Gregor Graf) and one curator (Sofia Steinvorth; Andreia César; Maria Eduarda Duarte; Teresa Pinheiro) will prepare an online exhibition on the website. You are all invited to join.

The 4Cs team.



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