UNDEFINED DIALOGUES is a series of experiential workshops aiming to forge new pathways of critical, creative and scholarly exchange through the process of arts-based inquiry. Working from the premise that arts-based expressions can identify emergent and unseen dialogues between sectors, cultures and disciplines, Nithya Iyer will facilitate three workshops comprising a day-long enquiry among participants that will begin with a visual prompt and progress through solo, partner and group-based procedures that refer to the themes of each session.
Credits: Nithya Iyer
DAY 1: ‘Meeting’
A public workshop for participants of all backgrounds and disciplines with a focus on alternate modes of meeting, exchanging, communication and decision-making. The workshop will explore possibilities in non-hierarchical forms of group-based expression using arts-based modalities, with the aim of allowing participants to explore and record the emergent skills and insights that
processes offer. Cultural actors and community organisations are encouraged to attend. A creative synthesis from each group/participant will result from the day.
Participants: 20 - 30
Duration: 10am - 6pm
DAY 2: ‘Translating’
A workshop aimed at MA and PhD students interested in exploring how theory and academic research can be conducted, expressed or translated through arts-based research methods. Students are encouraged to arrive with a research question, curiosity or scholarly stimulus that they wish to commence their inquiry with. Using both solo, partner and group work, this workshop will largely focus on how individual arts-based research process can be used alongside traditional academic research means to enhance, inform and expand the breadth of research. It will also explore how students locate themselves in relation to their field of study or specific research question. A creative synthesis from each group/participant will result from the day.
Participants: 15 - 20
Duration: 10am - 6pm
DAY 3: ‘Intersecting’
Bringing together academics, art-makers and cultural actors from a range of backgrounds, this workshop will facilitate playful group-based exercises that will respond to the artefacts created by participants from the first two days of the workshop. Working with notions of experiential knowing and active imagination, the workshop explores what meanings are possible from varying intersections of creative, scholarly and cultural actors working in concert with experiential methodologies. The workshop will also support groups in articulating their findings from their experiences. A creative synthesis from each group/participant will result from the day.
Participants: 20
Duration 10am - 6pm
Artist biography
Nithya Iyer is a Melbourne-based interdisciplinary artist and researcher of South Indian Tamil-descent. Her practice involves experimental psycho-spatial methodologies utilising text, performance, visual art and installation. The current themes of her work centre on migration, cultural displacement, and identity-formation with regards to corporeal, local and global conditions.
Complete biography here.
The workshop will take place at Appleton.


Rua Acácio Paiva, nº27 r/c
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